KTI designs, engineers, fabricates and installs all types of fired heaters, steam reformers; EDC crackers; SCRs; waste heat recovery units (WHRUs), heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs); and CO boilers serving the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and power industries.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of fluid processing and high temperature reaction kinetics
  • Proprietary furnace simulation programs and standards including:
    FURISM for steam reforming furnace design;
    EDC Crack® for Ethylene Dichloride; and
    PROFO for fired heater simulation
  • Thermal process and mechanical engineering design groups
  • SCR design staff
  • CFD modeling
  • Customize system design to customer defined heat duty
  • Systems designed to performance, emissions and cost specifications
  • Modular design approach
  • Engineering studies
  • Project management (construction), inspection
    and commissioning
  • Global fabrication
  • Schedule guarantees
  • Equipment only
  • Turnkey EPC
  • New and revamp
  • Emergency rebuilds
  • Measured on value as determined by system reliability, availability, durability, efficiency and cost
  • Performance guarantees
  • In-house quality assurance staff
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
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